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The story behind Wheelaway

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Wheelaway was born from the heart

Dianne and Paul started the business in 2008 after experiencing first-hand the need for accessible transport. Paul grew up with his mother who had MS, which is a rare condition from the 60s. Whilst, Dianne has a son with short stature and has cared for her parents who have both had cancer on several occasions and her dad contracted Guillian Barre twice. Having a desire to care for those in need Dianne also supported a dear young friend with a heart transplant over several years. Through the years, they both directly experienced the real struggles associated with the lack of accessible vehicles in the Melbourne community. 

The idea eventuated when Paul’s mum became wheelchair bound and they needed to move her out of her nursing home.  Taxis were unreliable and so they bought a vehicle to run her around. Through talking to people in the community and hearing that others were struggling with the same issue they decided to begin a part time business. With the support of Dianne and demand growing, the business has flourished and Wheelaway is now operating in both Victoria and New South Whales.
We aim to assist people to have a better way of life and to create a fully inclusive country. We understand that people have different requirements and aim to find a solution that suits you.  Please do not hesitate to call us and discuss what you need. 

Our Staff

Hermann D'Costa

Hermann from Wheelaway

Hermann began working as a driver for Wheelaway in 2014, after responding to an ad in the newspaper. Having a brother who has visual impairment he has always been interested in working for the disabled and elderly.

He shares and understands your feelings, concerns and hopes and thoroughly enjoys working alongside the great team at Workaway!

He started as a Driver and has grown to become the Operations Manager, managing recruitment and staffing. Prior to this, he worked for Australia post for 36 years.

Rod Wilson

Rod from Wheelaway

Rod has been a driver for Wheelaway since 2016. Prior to this, he was a self employed Outboard Motor Technician and part time Ballroom Teacher. He still teaches a 75 year old blind woman after more than 12 years.

He has an affinity for people who have been dealt a bad hand in life.

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