Have a look at the Gallery images below to get a better idea of the vehicles we have for hire and the services we provide.
At Wheelaway, we are apart of a lot of differnet activities including; working at major events across Australia, working with large group transport services to assist Yarra Trams and Government Institutions and we provide individual hire services to people with disability in the community. 

Images of our Vehicles

We have 2 different types of wheelchair accessible vehicles for hire.
They are the Toyota Commuter and The Kia Carnival. 

Our commitment to accessibility goes beyond mere functionality. We believe that mobility should never limit one’s ability to explore, connect, and create unforgettable memories. We understand the complexities of living with a disability and we simply hope to be able to provide you with a service, that meets all of your needs, so you can get out and about!
We are dedicated to providing top-quality wheelchair accessible vehicle rentals, to ensure for a safe, comfortable, and  remarkable journey.

Images from our events

We work with Event Managers to solve accessible transportation needs
at major events across New South Wales and Victoria.

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