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Accessible vehicle hire services

Wheelaway is a family-run business offering accessible vehicle hire services across Victoria and New South Whales.  We offer individual and group hires to businesses, large racing events and government institutions.  We understand the complexities and difficulties of living with a disability and pride ourselves on customising our services to meet your unique needs and lifestyle.

Event Hire

Accessible vehicle hire services

The Australian Grand Prix (7 years now!), MotoGP, World Superbikes, Spring Racing Carnival, Australian Open and President’s Cup Golf Tournament are just some of the events we have provided disability transport services to in the past year.

Wheelaway are a preferred disability transport supplier to many of Victoria’s and New South Wales’s local events and a provider of large group transport services to assist Yarra Trams and Government Institutions. We work with Event Managers to solve transportation needs at events.

Accessible Vehicle Hire Services
Accessible Vehicle Hire Services
Accessible Vehicle Hire Services
Accessible Vehicle Hire Services
Accessible Vehicle Hire Services
Accessible Vehicle Hire Services

Self Hire


We have been hiring our vehicles for people with disability, families and small to large companies for over 14 years!

Our self drive wheelchair vehicle hire is the perfect solution for people with disability who wish to travel with comfort and ease, or large groups of people needing a transport solution. We recognise the complexity and difficulties of living with a disability and can customise our hire services to meet your unique lifestyle. Our customer base includes Families, Insurance companies, NDIS participants, Hospitals, Federal and State Government departments and Zoos. Feel free to make a booking below or contact us here to see how we can meet your needs. 

Ideal for;

Recreation Centres
Holiday Programs
Respite Care
Corporate Conference
Car breakdown
Just had an accident and need to get back to normal life
Carers taking clients away for holidays
Camping trips
Outings with family and friends

Accessible Vehicle Hire Services

Why Choose Us?


Accessible Vehicle Hire Services

Clean & Comfortable Vehicles

We care about you and our vehicles. Our vehicles are cleaned regularly to ensure for a pleasant experience and we make sure to adhere to all Covid 19 policies and guidelines. 

Renting a Wheelchair Van

Flexible Services

Wheelaway was born from the heart. With family members living with a disability and most of our staff having connections with people with a disability, each of us understand the deep-rooted complexities and difficulties of living with a disability. With this in mind, we can create custom  hire packages to meet your unique needs and circumstances. 

Accessible Vehicle Hire Services

Permits and E-tags

All our wheelchair accessible vehicles have the necessary e-tags and permits to provide for a safe, quick and stress-free journey. 


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