Electric Wheelchair Accessories and Supplies

Electric Wheelchairs have revolutionised the way people with disabilities and mobility challenges navigate the world. They provide newfound freedom, enabling individuals to move with ease and participate actively in various activities. However, the true potential of them can be further realised by incorporating the right Electric Wheelchair accessories and supplies into the equation.

As a company that hires out wheelchair accessible vehicles to the community, we are excited to hear of new equipment, supplies and accessories that can create a better quality of life and can increase the independence for people with mobility issues. 

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Customizable Seating Options

One of the key aspects of electric wheelchair comfort is finding the right seating solution. From specialized cushions and backrests to adjustable headrests and lateral supports, customizable seating options ensure optimal posture and pressure relief. These accessories not only increase comfort during long periods of use but also promote better positioning, reducing the risk of developing pressure sores.

Electric Wheelchair Accessories and Supplies



Ride Custom Cushions and Backrests provide exacting support for the widest range of needs — it is the better solution for those considering traditional custom wheelchair seating and also an ideal match for the growing and active user. 


At Power Mobility, we offer an extensive selection of quality cushions, backrests and headrests in a range of sizes and materials to suit your individual needs. You can rely on our expert team to help you make the right choice from our range of trusted brands.


Personalised wheelchair seating and positioning products that perfectly combine stability, postural support and pressure management, whilst always remaining easy to use.

Magic Mobility

With the choice of either MPS (Maximum Postural Support) or Rehab Backrests, there is an option for most wheelchair users, including children. The Magic Rehab Backrest offers you ultimate support, flexibility, and adjustability and can be fitted to all Magic Mobility Power-chair Models.

Gilani Engineering

Providing Electric Wheelchair customisable seating and posture support options. 

Gilani Mobility

Gilani Mobility provides wheelchair customization and seating solution services. You can avail of wheelchair customization services and can order experts made customized cushions for anything where you sit for a long time.

Ergonomic Joystick Controllers

The joystick controller is the primary interface between the user and the electric wheelchair. Upgrading to an ergonomic joystick can significantly enhance maneuverability and control. Features such as programmable buttons, adjustable sensitivity, and customizable hand grips allow users to fine-tune the joystick to their specific needs and preferences. Some advanced controllers even offer alternative control options like head arrays or chin controls for individuals with limited hand function.

Electric Wheelchair Accessories and Supplies


Body Point

Our durable midline mounting system and joystick handles enable safe, comfortable, all-day wheelchair driving.


Our insight inspired control system has advanced technology to provide a superb driving experience for users and allow professionals to configure and tailor power-chairs quickly and more intuitively.


Versatile Storage Solutions:

Carrying personal belongings and essential items is a practical concern for electric wheelchair users. Luckily, there are numerous storage options available. From under-seat pouches and attachable backpacks to detachable cargo carriers, these accessories ensure convenient and secure storage of personal belongings, groceries, or even medical equipment. They enable wheelchair users to carry their essentials without compromising comfort or maneuverability.

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Electric Wheelchair Accessories and Supplies


Wheelchair Sales

Offering wheelchair bags and backpacks for sale. 

Gilani Engineering

A variety of Wheelchair Storage & Shopping bags for sale. 

Better Care Market



Visibility and Safety Enhancements

Safety is paramount when using an electric wheelchair, especially in outdoor settings. Accessories like reflective stickers, LED lights, and safety flags increase visibility, making you more easily noticeable to pedestrians and vehicles. Additionally, rearview mirrors and parking brakes provide added control and confidence during maneuvering and stopping, reducing the risk of accidents.

Safety Tips when using an Electric Wheelchair.


Electric Wheelchair Accessories and Supplies


Orange Flag

Increase you visibility with a fluorescent orange flag. Attached to the rear of your wheelchair, the orange flag is a great safety measure to help ensure divers and pedestrians can see you when you’er out and about. 

LED Lights

Wheelchair LED lights on Ebay

Reflective Stickers

Weather Protection Accessories

Inclement weather should not limit your mobility. Weather protection accessories, such as wheelchair rain covers and sunshades, shield you from rain, snow, or excessive sunlight. These accessories keep you dry and comfortable, allowing you to enjoy outdoor activities or complete daily tasks regardless of the weather conditions.

Electric Wheelchair Accessories and Supplies


Push Mobility

Whether you live in 4-seasons-in-1-day Melbourne, or tropical Queensland, or anywhere in between our Push Poncho will keep you and your wheelchair dry, even in the most unpredictable and inclement weather.

Independently You

We wanted to design a raincoat that wasn’t flimsy and too light for Australia weather.  Superior quality with extra sealed seams to ensure waterproofness.   The poncho style means it is easy on – easy off with a generous sized zip at the neck

Novita Tech

Customised Electric Wheelchair Suppliers

If your looking at all these features and thinking you want an electric wheelchair that has all the add-ons and features you need to make life more accessible, then why not have an electric wheelchair built and customised exactly the way you want it? Below are some suppliers who build and make customised electric wheelchairs. 

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