Wheelchair Accessible Public Transport Melbourne

Are you looking for Wheelchair Accessible Public Transport in Melbourne? Perhaps you are in a wheelchair and looking for an adventure in the city, perhaps you want to take your grandma for an exploration of the Melbourne City, or perhaps you have a friend in a wheelchair visiting you from interstate or overseas?

No matter what the reason is, if you need to know what trams in Melbourne are accessible…. the PTV App and Tram Tracker App will be your best friend! Look below for more information on these apps.

What trams, buses and trains in Melbourne are Accessible?


All metropolitan trains are wheelchair accessible and have allocated spaces for passengers using mobility aids. To know where to get on the train, look for the wheelchair symbol marked on train platforms. At the first door of the first carriage, the driver can provide a ramp to help you get on and off the train.


Most local buses in Victoria are low floor. Some buses can be lowered by the driver so they are closer to the kerb. If needed, the bus driver will also use a ramp to help passengers board the bus.


Trams on routes 11, 19, 96 and 109 are usually low floor, but sometimes high-floor trams are used in special cases. Some trams on routes 5, 6, 16, 48, 58, 72 and 86 are low floor.

Low-floor trams have allocated spaces for passengers using wheelchairs or mobility aids. The area is marked with a wheelchair symbol on the floor. Doors nearest to the allocated space are marked with a wheelchair symbol on the outside of the tram.

High-floor trams have steps. They are unsuitable for some mobility aids, including wheelchairs, scooters and motorised vehicles.

Public Transport Victoria (PTV) App

What is the PTV app? The Public Transport Victoria App lets you plan your journey using trains, trams, and buses, making travel around Melbourne and Victoria simple and convenient.

Click here for the PTV app.

To make this app accessible all you have to do is turn on the “Accessible Services” and the “Accessible Stops Only” Settings. 

Steps to take

  1. Open and download the app to your phone
  2. Click on “Plan” in the bottom Navigation Menu

3. Then, click on Settings 
4. Toggle “Accessible Services” on
5. Toggle “Accessible Stops Only” on

5. Now you can plan your journey!

wheelchair accessible trams melbourne
wheelchair accessible trams melbourne
wheelchair accessible trams melbourne

Tram Tracker App

What is the Tram Tracker App? The Tram Tracker App provides digital passenger information including predicted tram arrival times, disruption updates, and information about Melbourne’s tram network. 

Download on your iPhone here or Andorid here.

To know if a tram on your route is accessible on this app, look for the wheelchair symbol marked in red below.

wheelchair accessible trams melbourne

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