Wheelchair Accessible Day Trip Melbourne

As a person born in Sydney, but whom spent most of her life in Melbourne, I can attest to the magic Melbourne’s city has to offer! Known as Australia’s Mecca for all things tasty and trendy, this city has some of the most unique and trendy neighbourhoods, one of the most multicultural and delicious foodie scenes,¬† and is a place full of mystery to explore with an abundance of hidden laneways with cobblestone paths casing old enchanting churches, hip vintage stores and an immersion of graffiti walls. ūüé®ūüćē‚õ™ÔłŹ

I would hate to think people in wheelchairs have to miss out on this electric city just because a building didn’t have a lift or instead of a ramp there were stairs!! ūüė§

So below I’ve curated the perfect day trip for wheelchair users in Melbourne, so you too can immerse yourself in the magic and buzzing energy of this great city. ūüė欆

Get ready and be prepared to enjoy a day of adventure, shopping, art, and lots of yummy food! ūüėć

Wheelchair Accessible Day Trip in Melbourne

First Stop: Breakfast

Your first stop for the day will be Higher Ground for a delicious breakfast!

Self – described as evocative, inventive and sophisticated… this place is worth a try!¬†

Click here for more information.

They are fully wheelchair accessible, have an accessible bathroom and there are disability parking spots in the Wilsons private carpark across the road. 

Call them on 03-8899 6219 to make sure they can cater for your unique accessibility requirements. 

Wheelchair Accessible Day Trip in Melbourne
Wheelchair Accessible Day Trip in Melbourne
Wheelchair Accessible Day Trip in Melbourne
Wheelchair Accessible Day Trip in Melbourne

Second Stop: Melbourne Museum

Next stop is the Melbourne Museum! 

Touch and feel your way through local history; give Phar Lap a nod, explore a rainforest, rest in a rollercoaster car, and discover Koori heritage.

There is so much to explore and learn at the Melbourne Museum. 

For tickets, opening hours and location click here. 

If you have a companion card your support worker can get free admission. 

There is disability parking spots in the Museum’s parking located at level P2.¬†

All exhibition galleries and public spaces have lift and/or ramp access and there are accessible toilets located around the museum. 

For more information about accessibility click here or call them on 13 11 02. 

Wheelchair Accessible Day Trip in Melbourne
Wheelchair Accessible Day Trip in Melbourne

Third Stop: Imax Cinemas

Next, you are going to go right next door to the Imax Cinemas. 

A movie theatre chain known for presenting 3D films on a giant screen, including blockbusters.

So find a movie, grab some snacks from the counter and book your tickets here. 

Accessible parking spaces are available on Level P2 of the Melbourne Museum carpark.

Lift access is available from the carpark to the Museum forecourt.  A different lift, located to the right of the IMAX entrance provides access to the IMAX foyer. 

An accessible all persons bathroom with a baby change table is available on the main foyer level at IMAX. 

Wheelchair accessible spaces with companion seating are available to be booked online. Select the Wheelchair and Companion ticket type and the wheelchair space on the seating chart, or call 03 9663 5454 for assistance.

For more information about accessibility click here.

Wheelchair Accessible Day Trip in Melbourne

Fourth Stop: Early Dinner

Next stop will be an early dinner (or late dinner – depending on how long you spend at the Museum) at the deliciously culinary Farmer’s Daughters.¬†

This restaurant offers the option of a set menu or an al-carte menu for dinner, located at different levels of their venue. 

See here for prices, location and menu.

They are fully wheelchair accessible, have no stairs to entry, has a lift that can take you to all levels and have a wheelchair accessible bathroom on level 1. 

Parking can be found in a parking complex on the corner of little collins street and exhibition street.

Call them on 03-9116 8682 to make sure they can meet your unique accessibility needs. 

Wheelchair Accessible Day Trip in Melbourne
Wheelchair Accessible Day Trip in Melbourne
Wheelchair Accessible Day Trip in Melbourne
Wheelchair Accessible Day Trip in Melbourne

Fifth Stop: Ice Bar

Your final stop will be getting drinks at the infamous and very cool ūüėé Ice Bar in Melbourne City.¬†

Australia‚Äôs only ice bar, keeping things a fun and frosty -10¬įC here in Melbourne all year round.

For more general information on their menu and prices go here. 

The reception and bar are both step-free making access easy. With only 6 people in the bar when we visited there was ample circulation space for a wheelchair. If the bar was at capacity, around 40 people, there wouldn’t be much room to move around a lot in a wheelchair. I suggest booking off-peak times.

To make sure they meet your unique accessibility requirements call them on 03 9077 9716.

Wheelchair Accessible Day Trip in Melbourne

What to Prepare?

Make sure to prepare for your trip! Below is a rough guide for you to follow, however there will be things that you need to prepare specifically for your needs. Try to write these down and organise them in advance to have everything perfect for your trip, and to avoid unnecessary stressors. 

Look at guide below ‚Üst‚Üst‚Üď

2 Week's Prior to Day-Trip:

  • A support worker to push you around on your chair and to drive you to the different locations
  • A wheelchair accessible vehicle (if you do not have a vehicle you can drive and need a wheelchair accessible vehicle, have a look at our vehicles here, we would love to support you on your day out!)
  • Disability Parking Permit¬†
  • Make sure your chair is in good working condition and that you have essential back ups for your mobility device e.g. batteries, power bank, crutches, waterproof covering for your wheelchair, visibiliity LED lights just in case it becomes dark etc.¬†
  • Book reservations at your breakfast, lunch and dinner venues. Whilst doing this confirm parking and all of your unique accessibility requirements, e.g. steps, accessible bathroom, corridor space etc.¬†
  • Call each activity and confirm parking and your unique accessibility requirements, their location, opening hours and prices
  • Check weather and consider any potential impact on outdoor activities. (do this a few times leading up to trip and organise a plan b if its predicted to be bad weather!)

2 Day's Prior to Day-Trip:

  • Print of a map or have ready a map on your phone for use, and directions to the different locations (check out Melbourne’s accessibility map¬†here¬†designed for people with mobility issues)
  • Check weather and organise essentials for changing weather conditions; e.g. an umbrella, extra layers, a waterproof jacket etc.¬†
  • Water bottle
  • Confirm bookings and details with support worker, accessible vehicle hire company, restaurants and venues¬†
  • Collate back ups for your mobility device
  • Personal Comfort and Supplies, e.g. snacks¬†
  • Personal Medications¬†
  • Emergency contacts
  • Your ID, Insurance information and any other medical documentation you need
  • A camera or smart phone for photos and binoculars¬†
  • A reusable bag for any items you purchase along the way
  • Ensure your phone and wheelchair are fully charged¬†
  • Download relevant apps for navigation, accessibility information and communication
  • Download copies of reservations
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