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As we are preparing for the SuperBikes in two weeks it comes to mind just how far Melbourne has come in terms of wheelchair accessibility over the last 15 years and how there has been an increase in Wheelchair Accessible Public Events in Melbourne. When we first started out the SuperBikes, Motogp, Spring Racing Carnival… none of these were wheelchair accessible. 

For the last 15+ years we have had the privilege of seeing Melbourne become more accessible to those using Wheelchairs in our community.

We have worked with major event organisers in Melbourne like the Australian Open, Motogp, Spring Racing Carnival, Superbikes and the President’s Cup Golf Tournament, facilitating wheelchair-accessible transportation across the various tracks, allowing for increased accessibility to those with limited mobility.

Wheelchair Accessible Car Hire
Disabled Viewing Area Australian Grand Prix
Buggy at Spring Racing Carnival

We are seeing first-hand how wheelchair accessibility is starting to become a standard for Melbourne sports events, whereby sport event organisers in Melbourne are now coming to us to request we help them become more accessible.

Whilst, we still hear terrifying stories from people with a lived experience of accessibility discrimination in Melbourne, at Wheelaway we still believe that the progress over the last 15 years indicates what’s possible for the next 15 years. 

If you are a person in a wheelchair seeking an adrenalin rush and entertainment and want to join us at a sports event this year, see the list of events and dates we will be attending at the bottom of this article and contact us here.

If you are an event organiser in Melbourne or Sydney and seek to make your event more accessible please contact us here. We love collaborating with event organisers to increase accessibility in the community! 

Wheelchair Accessible Car Hire
Renting a Wheelchair Van
Disabled Viewing Area Australian Grand Prix

Join us at the below Sports Events

If you need to hire a wheelchair accessible vehicle give us a call on 1800 133 320

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