Mount Dandenong’s Top 10: Wheelchair-Friendly Dining Delights

Mount Dandenong, known for its impressive views, enchanting towns, cosy café culture, specialty shops and beautiful accommodation, is a truly special place not to be missed.  For those navigating this area in a wheelchair, finding accessible dining options can sometimes be a challenge. However, fear not! We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 wheelchair-accessible restaurants in Mount Dandenong, ensuring that everyone can savor the flavors of this enchanting area.

Please note: whilst these venues have been assessed as wheelchair accessible it is best for you to call prior to ensure they can meet your unique accessibility needs. Further details on their accessibility can be found below each restaurant title. 

Wheelchair Accessible Restaurants in Mount Dandenong

Sky High

SkyHigh is one of the most popular Dandenong Ranges attractions and has so much to offer for the whole family. Stroll through the beautiful landscaped gardens, take a forest walk under a canopy of Australian eucalypts, visit the Australiana Tree, or relax on the Giant’s Chair! 

Their restaurant is fully wheelchair accessible. Use this map of sky high to see the different parking spots. The best place to park is carpark 2, as this is on the same lower level as the Bistro. If you cannot find parking here, they recommend you drop the person in the wheelchair off in this parking area, near the front entrance to the Bistro.

They have a disabled toilet in the Bistro. This toilet has a sliding door, and a large opening space. The indoor area can be a bit squishy at times but if you call up beforehand and tell them your accessibility needs they will make sure there is room for you. There is plenty  of space in the outdoor area.

Make a note of your accessibility needs at booking.

Bookings for dinner are available after 6.00pm on their bistro menu here, no bookings required for lunch.

King Henry's Restaurant

Set on five acres with a large deck overlooking beautiful gardens, King Henry’s Restaurant in Sassafras is one of the most popular dining destinations in the Yarra Valley. Nestled in an old guesthouse dating back to 1902, this traditional English restaurant on Mount Dandenong Tourist Road is all elegance with dark wood furniture, a moody colour palette and Britannia memorabilia scattered throughout. 

This restaurant is wheelchair accessible. There is disabled parking out the front, just a few meters from the front door. There are no steps outside or inside the venue. There is a wheelchair accessible bathroom through the restaurant with a large door. Space in the restaurant is dependent on the day of booking. On the weekend it is less spacious but if you let them know your coming they can make sure there is space for you. 

Make a note of your accessibility needs at booking.

You can book via their website here

Chocolate Dragonfly

The Chocolate Dragonfly Cafe is a family run business with home styled customer service. 

Whilst there are no disabled parking out the front they are wheelchair accessible both inside and outside. It is recommended that you drop the person in the wheelchair off with a support worker on either the strip front, drive way or walkway outside of the cafe. The Knox council is working on getting disabled parking. 

There are no steps inside or outside the venue and the toilet is accessible for wheelchair users from the back courtyard.  

Make a note of your accessibility needs at booking.

You can find their contact details here to make booking. 

Seasons at Cloudehill

Overlooking picturesque Cloudehill gardens, Seasons Restaurant is an inviting dining experience throughout the year.Enjoy a delicious breakfast, lunch or one of their famous cakes in the warm and friendly restaurant or sitting on our glorious terrace.

This restaurant is wheelchair accessible, to both manual and electric wheelchairs. There is one disabled parking at the top of the park, then you will need to go down the restaurant park to the front entrance. There are no steps at the front entrance. Technically the deck and the inside area is wheelchair accessible, however the tables on the deck are a little lower so you may prefer to sit inside if you are in an electric wheelchair.  They have a wheelchair accessible bathroom with a large door. 

It is best that you let them know your in a wheelchair when you make a booking, so they can ensure there is enough space for you. 

You can make a booking by calling 03 9751 0168.

Website here.

Miss Marples Tearoom

Miss Marples is a bit of an icon in the hills. You can sit and relax in their vibrant and cosy English Tearoom, where memories of yesteryear come to life in the warm inviting setting. They provide old fashioned hospitality with hearty home cooked food. It’s a true nostalgic experience.

Whilst they don’t take bookings they can provide you with a table at the front that is wheelchair accessible for you. All you have to do is go there and talk to the hostess and they will seat you down or tell you a time to come back. 

There are no steps at the front entrance and there is an accessible bathroom. However, it is pretty tight between the tables to get to the bathroom. 

There is one disability parking spot in front of the Sassafras Hall. From there you can make your way up the footpath for a few meters to Miss Marples.

Currently, as off the 30.01.24, weekdays are quieter except for Fridays. 

Website here

Mt Dandenong Hotel

Convivial, homey tavern with a fireplace, dishing up bistro tucker, plus pool and live music.

This hotel is wheelchair accessible. Whilst there is no designated disabled parking, you can park in the bottle shop, which is next to the front door and on the same level as the Hotel. There is a ramp to get through the front entrance. They have a wheelchair accessible bathroom and can move the tables around to create more space inside the venue. 

When you make a booking online here make sure to note that you are coming in a wheelchair. It is recommend you also call to let them know your accessibility needs. 

The Blacksmith

Situated in the heart of the Dandenong Ranges in Belgrave, Victoria, The Blacksmith is a Bakery, Patisserie, Café and Gourmet Burger Bar with a strong reputation for their quality food and beverages and friendly service.

They are wheelchair accessible.

There is one disabled parking spot across the road, about a few meters from the front entrance. There are no steps at the front entrance and they have double doors. There is also enough space between the tables. They have a bathroom that can be made accessible and there is a public accessible bathroom a few meters down the footpath from their cafe. 

When calling to make a booking make sure to note your accessibility needs.

You can book by calling them on (03) 9754 1174.

Website here.

Belgrave Hotel

Come to the Belgrave Hotel for a charming and renovated venue, offering delicious pub meals, local beers, ciders, and cocktails.

They are wheelchair accessible if you come through the front entrance. The back entrance is not wheelchair accessible. There are disabled parking spots out the back and there is a ramp from the back to the front entrance, with a slight hill. They have an accessible bathroom which is pretty big and plenty of space between the tables. If you need more space they are happy to accommodate. 

You can call them to make a booking on 03 9754 2222 and when you do call, make sure to make a note of your accessibility needs. 

Website here.

Bensons Cafe

Choice gastropub mains, tapas & brekkie, offered in a trendy space with patterned banquettes.

Bensons cafe is wheelchair accessible and they have had many customers in electric wheelchairs eat at their cafe. 

There is one disabled parking spot across the road, a few meters to the cafe. There are no steps at the front entrance. There is enough space between the tables and they can make extra space if need be. The corridor to the bathroom can be a little tight sometimes but they have had people in electric wheelchairs use it with no complaint. There is also a public accessible bathroom down the road to the cafe. 

Call them on (03) 9754 2726 to make a booking and make sure to make a note of your accessibility needs. 

If you need to hire a wheelchair accessible vehicle give us a call on 1800 133 320

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