Wheelchair Accessories Store

Having worked in the industry for over a decade, we have witnessed the transformative impact of wheelchairs on countless lives. They have granted individuals with mobility challenges the precious gifts of freedom and independence. In fact, a majority of our clients rely heavily on their wheelchairs, as without them, they would be confined to their beds. 

Understanding the importance of wheelchairs, we recognize the immense value of wheelchair accessories as essential additions that can enhance the wheelchair experience. By transforming a functional piece of equipment into a source of enjoyment, style, and personalization; these accessories help individuals in wheelchairs live a better quality of life and get more out of these much needed mobility aids. 

wheelchair accessories store

Wheelchair accessories can have so many benefits, such as; adding an extra soft or extra hard cushion to provide comfort to someone sitting in a chair (depending on their preference), adding a wheelchair wheel cover (seen above) that can add personality and a sense of fun for someone using a wheelchair, or adding lights and reflectors to make it more safe whilst using a wheelchair in the night or low-light conditions. 

Have a read of this article here for ideas and inspiration of the type of accessories one can add to their wheelchair.

Below, is a list of some wheelchair accessory stores in Australia.

Wheelchair Accessories Store in Australia

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