Wheelchair cup holder Australia

For wheelchair users, having a reliable and convenient cup holder can greatly enhance the enjoyment of everyday activities. Whether it’s sipping a refreshing drink on a sunny day or carrying a hot cup of coffee while on the move, a wheelchair cup holder in Australia is an essential accessory. With a variety of designs and attachment options available, there’s a perfect cup holder to suit every individual’s needs and preferences.

Different Types of Wheelchair Cup Holders in Australia

Insulated Cup Holders
Side Frame Cup Holders
Self-Levelling Cup Holders
Wheelchair cup holder Australia
Wheelchair cup holder Australia
Wheelchair cup holder Australia

Insulated drink bottle or cup holder for wheelchairs. Can be used for hot or cold drinks. 
Size 10 x 14cm 
Colour Black

While designed to attach to a manual wheelchair’s frame, it can be used many other ways. Attach it to a walker or rollator, a stroller, a bike, even crutches. Snaps make it super easy to install and silicone backed elastic grips the frame to keep it in place. Fits on either side of the frame as well as most frame sizes. Clip on a strap/lanyard (not included) and you can wear it on your shoulder. Or, don’t attach it anywhere and slip it on your hand for an easier way to hold a bottle or drink if you have low hand dexterity/ability. An elastic cord cinches at the top to secure the bottle/cup. Neoprene provides a little insulation while also keeping it’s shape open for ease of use and no frustration.

A Newly Designed Cup holder for bigger insulated cups, plastic water bottles or even your reliable steel coffee cup, the Level Cup™ XL keeps your drink upright whilst on the go.

This kit includes a Level Cup XL with a B-size 1” RAM Mounts ball directly attached. The oversized opening cradles the biggest of gulps and the adjustable bottom piece moves up and down to accommodate taller cups.

The rubber feet flex to fit various sized cups as well. RAM® Mounts has refined the self-leveling action to keep your cups full.

Folding and Portable Cup Holders
Wheelchair Bag Cup Holders
Clip-On Cup Holders
Wheelchair cup holder Australia
Wheelchair cup holder Australia
Wheelchair cup holder Australia

Adjustable, Lightweight, For Multiple Uses, Easy for Everyday Use, and Strong Bearing Capacity.

Material: ABS
Diameter of Rim: Approx. 7.3cm / 2.9in
Scope of Application: Perfect for strollers, walkers, bicycles, wheelchairs, bed rails, canes and even drum sets

Multifunction Bag – This wheelchair side/back bag has 2 ways to use, hanging behind the wheelchair or hanging on the wheelchair’s side. It’s enough to keep your essential everyday items.

  • Designed To Easily Fit And Suit Mobility Equipment
  • Super Strong With Multi Adjust Claw
  • Perfect Fit To Hold Your Coffee, Can Or Waterbottle
  • Adjustable Clamping System Making It Easy To Secure
  • Holds Up To 1kg
  • Free Delivery Australia Wide
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