Effortless Travel: Hiring Wheelchair Accessible Cars in Sydney CBD

Wheelaway has been operating for over fifteen years, providing wheelchair car hire in Sydney CBD and Melbourne, to groups and individuals with mobility needs. We are a family-owned and operated business, and truly care about creating greater accessibility in the community. 

We aim to assist people to have a better way of life and to create a fully inclusive country. We understand that people have different requirements and aim to find a solution that suits you. Please do not hesitate to call us and discuss what you need. 

Disability transport services Melbourne

Why Choose Us?

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Hire Sydney
Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Hire Sydney
Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Hire Sydney

Having a family member and friends with a disability, we truly care about helping those in need and making the community more accessible.

We pride ourselves on keeping our vehicles clean, roadworthy and well looked after to ensure a comfortable and safe drive for our passengers. 

We strive to offer flexible services as we understand that people with disability can have very complex and unique needs. 


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Self Hire

Corporate Hire

Event Hire

Our self drive wheelchair car hire is the perfect solution for people with disability who wish to travel with comfort and ease, or large groups of people needing a transport solution.

We have worked with private and government transport companies such as Yarra Trams and V/Line, to allow for accessible public transport in NSW and Victoria. 

We have coordinated and provided accessible transport at major events such as Spring Racing Carnival, MotoGP, F1, World Superbikes, Australian Open and President’s Cup Golf Tournament.


Toyota Commuter

This vehicle comes with a hydraulic lift so you can easily and quickly move the person with disability into the vehicle without straining any muscles or energy and can seat 1-2 wheelchairs and 6-8 passengers.

Kia Carnival

This vehicle comes with a ramp to wheel the person with disability into the vehicle, and can seat 1 wheelchair and 4-5 passengers.


To get a quote call us on 1800 133 320 or email us at info@wheelaway.net.au 

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contact wheelaway


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