Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles for Hire in NSW & Victoria

As a company that hires out wheelchair accessible vehicles, we understand the challenges faced by individuals with mobility limitations when it comes to transportation. That’s why we offer a range of options for those in need of a wheelchair accessible vehicle for hire near them in NSW and Victoria. 

Types of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles for Hire in NSW & Victoria

Our fleet of vehicles includes 3 types of wheelchair accessible vehicles that cater to different needs.

We have wheelchair accessible Toyota Commuter vans, which are the most popular option. These vans are our largest vehicle and are equipped with electric lifts that can accommodate wheelchairs of various sizes. They also have special features such as tie-downs to ensure the safety of passengers. These vans are suitable for group adventures or larger wheelchairs. 

We then have 2 types of smaller wheelchair accessible vans, which are more maneuverable and easier to park. These vehicles are ideal for individuals who require a more compact vehicle for their transportation needs. They have a ramp at the rear of the vehicle and tie downs to secure the wheelchair whilst driving. 

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Accessible Vehicle Hire Services
wheelchair accessible vehicles for hire near me

Benefits of Using Our Service

As a company that has family members and friends with a disability, we really care! We seek to provide a flexible, friendly and supportive experience for our customers and we try to meet every person where they are at. We understand the complexities of living with a disability and understand you may have very complex needs – that’s ok – we want to help! 😊 We seek to create a fun, loyal and family like business culture where everyone in our team can rely, support and care for one another! This rubs off in our service to our customers and through our drivers. Most of our drivers have been with us for years, are trained in assisting individuals with mobility limitations and have become close friends of ours. 

Our vehicles can be hired for a few hours, a day, a week, months or even longer, depending on your needs. We offer competitive rates and transparent pricing, and try and work out if there are financial options (such as the NDIS) for our clients so they can save money. 

Our vehicles are all well-maintained and regularly serviced to ensure they are in excellent condition. We pride ourselves on keeping our vehicles comfortable and safe and seek to create the best experience for our customers! We understand that for some people with disability and elderly people, getting out isn’t easy and so on the rare chance that you do get to go out we want it to be a special day for you! 

Wheelaway Drivers at the Australian Grand Prix

A picture of some of our drivers at the Formula 1 Aus Grand Prix 😊

Booking a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

Booking a wheelchair accessible vehicle with us is easy. If you would like more information you can either call us or look at our website here. To make a booking call us on 1800 133 320 or email us at info@wheelaway.net.au  We will ask you a few questions about your transportation needs, such as the number of passengers and the date and time of your journey. We will then recommend the most suitable vehicle for your requirements and provide you with a quote.

Once you have confirmed your booking, we will arrange for a driver to pick you up at the agreed time and location. Our drivers will assist you in boarding the vehicle and securing your wheelchair, and they will ensure that you reach your destination safely and comfortably.

Alternatively, if you would like to use your own driver our driver will drop the vehicle off to you, will show you how to use the vehicle and will then pick the vehicle back up again when you are done using it. 

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